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One of the largest events that we got worship? Media is a part of each year is the Gospel Music Association’s IMMERSE event.  We are happy to have been selected by our peers last year as the "Official Blog of GMA IMMERSE" and have been asked to

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GMA IMMERSE Finals Wrap-Up

We want to take a moment to congratulate some very talented performers who had the honor of competing in the Gospel Music Association’s IMMERSE Finals.  If you missed the performance, you missed some awesome talent and songs.  Feel free to drop by to watch

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GMA IMMERSE Standings Thus Far

The OFFICIAL Current standings for the various categories at IMMERSE are in.  The finals will be posted tonight, however, we do have a complete rundown of the semi-finalists for the various groups and the song finalists. Drum roll, please! Vocal One – Ages 13-26 Ashlynn

Day 2 of IMMERSE

Day two of IMMERSE has drawn to a close and has been beautiful from start to finish.  The morning opened with worship from Travis Cottrell and some words of inspiration from Michael W. Smith.  (For the record, worship is beautiful and very vertical with a

IMMERSE Finals Live!

IMMERSE Finals Live! Originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics Dont forget that you can catch the finals live at August 1st. Got friends back home that cant be there? Tell them to catch it live!