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REVIEW: Jesus Culture Music Emerging Voices

Today marks the release of Jesus Culture Music’s seventh new full-length recording, Emerging Voices – and we’ve been rocking and worshiping with it for the past few weeks here at got worship? to bring you the insights you’ll want as worship leaders. The album comes

The Self-Promoting Worship Leader

QUESTION: “How can someone lovingly confront someone who is using the church platform to promote himself/herself?” This is a very hard part of our role as the leader, but it’s something we have to do from time to time. I want to encourage you and

What’s Up With the Milk?

I got an email from a reader that asked “what’s up with the milk?”  All of our branding shows a picture of a glass of milk being filled – even our name itself is a throwback to the days of “got milk?”.  So why do we

Monday School: Chew On This

Here is the most beautiful thing that I’ve been chewing on all day. It is so simple that my 8 year old daughter gets it. Thanks so much to Pat Hood – my pastor – for pointing this love out. So let’s set the stage.

Pure Praise : Week 1 Studies

Day 1:  "All That Is Within Me" David proclaims the words utter by many songwriters over the years in Psalm 103:1 : "Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!" David is proclaiming that all that is