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We’re glad you’re here…we aren’t.

Welcome to the holiday season – time for time with family, Thanksgiving, Christmas, turkey, presents, fireworks, and resolutions! Let’s face it though…if you work…there is another joy that comes from many of these holidays… …a four day weekend. The biggest phenomenon that I see with

Some of my favorite worship services are…

…with kids. It is true.  Some of the greatest moments I’ve spent either pastoring in sermons or leading in worship have been with kids from preschool to about 5th grade.  This past week I was reminded of that joy when I got the privilege to put my

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Who Is Your Audience?

One of my favorite songs is “Audience of One” by Big Daddy Weave. This is the song that I try to let my worship in song attest to. If you’ve never heard it before…or if you’ve heard it amillion times before but never taken the time