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The Worship Leader’s Ultimate Resource

I’ve spent the past few years trying to find the best tools for worship leaders: the best software…best guitars…best books…best resources…best conferences – but as the year winds down and I prepare for a focus on 2015 I have become convinced of one thing: [tweet_box]There

Worship Leaders: Where Do You Work?

Yep, it’s true – most worship leaders today are either bi-vocational or have one secular vocation and volunteer as the worship leader. Have you ever wondered what background your peers come from? I do! I have a very unique tri-vocational job – my ministry here

Worship Leaders and Calvinism

Recently on my personal twitter at @jasonwhitehorn, I ran a twitter poll geared towards worship leaders and members of the worship community. I am offering the results without bias – and without so much as a glimpse into my thoughts on the issue. Instead, I’d