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The Air I Breathe: Shallow Breathing

Shallow Breathing There’s been a common theme throughout this series…and it has little to do with breathing.  You see – breathing is only relevant if you are me and require air.  The more important matter is a guy who sees himself as needed for God’s

Sunday Sets: Flood

Songs: Come On (My Soul) (0:00), Love Came Down (3:10), You Alone (13:34), You Gave Your Life Away (47:00), Joy To The World (52:00) Each week we feature a variety of church’s services for you to sample. Perhaps it will spark an idea within your

NWLC Guest Blog : The Worship Journey

A while ago… I won something… I mean I actually WON! Seriously I entered a contest on This winning of course was not do to my own excellence… more due to the love of some friends and the youth at Grace Church. (thanks to

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Make someone’s day brighter!

Hello friends, I’d like to ask you to help shine a little light on someone’s day that really needs it right now.  My friend and Christian recording artist Tammy Trent is on a mission to give her brother-in-law some encouragement in his time of need.

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"Don't Let The Sun Set"

You’d think you’ve heard the phrase a million times in your life until you hear it from a friend you admire – a friend who has a right to say it. Over the past couple of months, my heart has been in such deep prayer