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Displaying Your Media Slides…from an iPad

Yep – leave it to my good friends at to come up with a new way to utilize their already stellar product even AFTER their reboot of the software I mentioned in the last edition of Worship Leader Magazine. Check out the video below

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Happy New Year!

From the got worship? Media family to you… …we wish you a prosperous 2011… …prosperous that you might reach many this year with news of God’s love. May God continue to bless us in this new year!

New Gear for the New Year!

These shirts are sweet!  If you want to make a statement – or just stand out in the crowd…this is the shirt for you! We all need a little more cowbell…and now you can tell the world with an all-new t-shirt that is exclusive from

Monthly Devotionals For Your Worship Team

If you’ve been through Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship or one of Dwayne Moore’s other books, then you know the tremendous impact they can have. got worship? Media is partnering with Dwayne’s ministry, Next Level Worship, to offer a FREE resource beginning

Happy 4th of July from got worship? Media

Happy 4th of July from got worship? Media, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. This 4th of July, we are thankful for those who fought for us and died for our freedom… NOTE: This video/picture is being sent from my mobile phone. Yes…there will likely