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Worship Auditions: Saying “No”

We’ve all faced rejected of some sort during our lives – so it is no surprise that we don’t like having to issue rejection to someone else…especially when that rejection comes in the form of telling someone that they are not cut out for the worship team.

Getting the most out of your in-ear mix

I am so glad that my days of wedge monitors are gone.  In-Ear monitors make my life so much easier – not to mention making my mix that much better.  To be honest with you, though…it wasn’t always that way.  Are you new to in-ears? 

Worship Review: Westone In-Ears

I’m a Westone-type of guy…always have been.  Westone musician’s in-ear monitors have always, by far, surpassed my other brand in-ears in quality, longevity, and comfort.  So, when I got the opportunity to try out the new Westone UM3x’s against the UM1’s and UM2’s – I