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All new blog…

After much thought and learning some new tricks (much thanks to human3rror), my new blog is up and running.  I hope to have new things added daily – in hopes of making this blog a valuable source for Songwriters and Worship Leaders who have a

SONG SEARCH: "Jesus Saves" by Tim Hughes

Hot off the presses!  Tim Hughes delivers big on another great praise and worship song called “Jesus Saves”.  The song is a rework of a song he wrote a bit back – but none-the-less and awesome one! As always, I’ve included the instructional video from

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New Look

Had to get a “facelift” on the blog tonight. Thoughts? I’m going to be changing up some stuff to add some Worship Leader Resources as well as some songwriting resources soon…and wanted to “spruce things up” a bit.

"Jesus, Messiah"

I love this song from Chris Tomlin. Its on the New Song Cafe. Notice how Chris makes mention of how beautiful the name “Messiah” is. Isn’t it? Ironic the the “Annointed One” (Messiah) gave the ultimate annointment when he died to make atonement before the