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What’s This Talk About KONY?

If you’ve been ANYWHERE on the internet in the past 72 hours…you have likely come across something about “KONY”.  You may have even come across something that looks like a political campaign ad that would make you think that this Kony fella is running for


Perspective… It’s a strange word… …but life is a matter of it. I took this picture as I was leaving my Nashville office on Music Row a few years back.  It marked the 46 minute mark in me making forward progress of only about 50 yards.

Want a “got worship?” T-Shirt?

Guess what we just had delivered to our office today?  Yep…you guessed it!  Want a cool way to show off your love for all things “worship” and help out at the same time?  This is a perfect chance!  We have 144 of these first-run

NWLC Guest Blog : Curtis Kent

(Guest blog from our NWLC Contest winner: Curtis Kent) I Made IT! So pumped. I drove pretty much straight here.. with only a few stops at some music stores that were close to the hwy’s I was driving on. Just browsing… didn’t get and Esquire