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After Nearly A Decade – iWorship Returns!

It’s been nearly a decade – and now, a worship favorite returns! The new installment of Integrity Music’s annual iWorship collection, iWorship Now/Next, returns March 5th with a a two disc, 28-song set. The collection features the most popular songs being sung in the Church

Two FREE Songs For Easter

Worship pastors – if you are like me, you scramble around for months trying to find the perfect song for Easter services. Thanks to Paul Baloche – you now have TWO! Paul’s new album “The Same Love” is full of worship goodness – but two

Fillng The Gaps – The Rule of 100%

(I originally wrote this article back in February of last year – but wanted to touch on it again as I feel that it is worth sharing with your entire worship team.  I found a great video from Paul Baloche that perfectly illustrates each point. 

We’re getting in gear for NWLC East 2010

We are very excited this year to bring you news and event as well as a daily wrap-up from the National Worship Conference East in Lancaster, PA.  The “East” Conference begins today with worship leaders from across the country and the world uniting in Lancaster,

A Conference In The Cloud

Conferences are great – and you can gain a wealth of knowledge from conferences when the right subject matter is presented by the right speakers.  How about mixing the topic of worship with speakers like Dan Wilt, N.T. Wright, Donald Miller, Lenny Leblanc, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes, Laura Story, Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen,

How Will God Use You?

If you ever have an opportunity to sit with Paul Baloche – take notes.  The man has wisdom coming out of his pores.  He is, quite frankly, one of my favorite mentors and one of the most respected men I know in worship leading. Paul

Worship Workshop

When Paul Baloche speaks – I like to listen. He has a lot of insight for Worship Leaders. If you have a small worship team or a well developed team – this is a video you will want to listen to. Sometimes we all overdo