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Just dusted off some inspiration

Just dusted off some inspiration Originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics No more planet of the dry. I just found some of my root. Much writing and arranging to be done. Old School hymns…meet 2009 NOTE: This picture is being sent from my mobile phone.

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Heart test is done…

Heart test is done…, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. Thankfully, they only had me to do the treadmill portion of the test. I won’t find out anything for a couple of days. Thanks for all the prayers. NOTE: This video is being sent from

“My grandfather is dead”

Who would have ever thought that the month of February in 2004 would be as cold as it was? The physical temperature was fine with highs between the 50’s and 60’s…but the chill I felt that February was numbing. I had come home from work