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Putting On Your Sunday Best

I’ve heard plenty of talk in the past about what is appropriate for a worship leader or worship pastor to wear in church. I can remember growing up at a church where a coat and tie were a must on Sunday mornings but now lead

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(special thanks to Dr. Kyle Goen for finding this video.  Please visit his blog here.) You aren’t poor.  You have plenty.  You have MORE than enough. You aren’t starving.  There are some who could live for weeks off the scraps you toss out as if

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Day One of IMMERSE

GMA’s IMMERSE kicked off today in full force.  The entire Belmont University campus was buzzing today with people of all ages with hopes, aspirations, and plenty of determination to become the best artists, songwriters, worship leaders, and music industry professionals possible. Most of the first

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Late Night Live Prayer & Praise

I know its late…but there is plenty to pray about.  Whether you have a prayer, have a praise, or just want to be a part of praying for others – whether publicly or silently…come join us.  The live room will be active for as long

On my mind tonight…

On my mind tonight…, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. This past Sunday still sticks with me for some unknown reasons that I just cannot let go of. As I looked down from the stage, I could see some pretty awesome things. Plenty of hands