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Worship From Within

Recently on my twitter account I asked the question : What is worship?  I have enjoyed reading through the various responses to the question and wanted to share my take on worship with each of you. Recently, we discussed the simple fact that we are

Opening night of NWLC East = the PITS!

God uses the darkest times in our lives to conform us to the image of Christ and believe me… there are so many Christian leaders around the world that are finding themselves in a pit. The challenge last night was for us to recognize it for what it is: a place to cry out to God in ways that perhaps we have not before.

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Web 2.0 – The New Chalkboard

I remember growing up in Sunday School and then in Youth Group and having time set aside to pray.  We would always go around the room and ask if anyone had any prayer requests – any praises – and them write them on this strangel

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This is a little idea I’ve had for a while and now I’ve finally decided to start.  I like to read…plain and simple.  I am usually reading two – three recommended books at any time, including books that I review for Thomas Nelson Publishers (one