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When Its Time To Cut The Tie

QUESTION:Define Moral Failure? You stated in a past article that you have removed individuals due to moral failure. I had to remove a band member for moral failure, but have been accused of being judgmental. Some are saying ‘we all sin and have fallen short

Using Secular Music In Worship

From Craig Hedrick serving in Belmont, NC Question: I wanted to ask if you use much secular music in your seeker services, do you change lyrics and things like that? We have been doing some of that with a fair amount of success but I

We’re Growing…Thanks To You!

We’ve been watching our web-traffic climb again over the past couple of weeks with visitors pouring in from all over the globe.  The reach that we are able to have from is nothing of our own doing…but God’s alone.  We’re growing…and we believe that

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Exciting, Exciting, Exciting

There are a lot of cool things happening today – stuff to be praying about and praising about. Figured I’d highlight a few. As we speak, Eddie Mosley, Pastor of GroupLife at LifePoint Church is speaking at a huge SmallGroup conference at Saddleback Church (a