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The Air I Breathe…

For quite a few days, the blog has been silent.  It’s probably appropriate and in proper relation to life – because I have been equally as silent.  For about the past month I have dealt with a strange virus that has had me dealing with

To Choir…or Not To Choir?

Does your church have a choir? I’m doing some quick research for an upcoming series – and I’d like to engage our readers in a discussion on the following questions: 1. Do you have a choir at your church? If “yes”… a…Do you use your

Worshipbusters – What Kills Worship For You?

We are planning an upcoming series called “WORSHIPBUSTERS” that will involve…you. We want to do a little advance research to find out the answer to the question: “What is your biggest pet peeve during a worship service that hinders worship for you?” or… “What does

Throwing Out The “Worship Set-List”

If you look hard enough online, you will see a wealth of worship-related websites that draw a huge fascination to the act of “sharing your Sunday set-lists.”  There was a time and place when this appealed to me to – but those days have just

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Why I’m Climbing In The Backseat

I want to share this video with you from Cross Point Church.  Pastor Pete Wilson began a series there nearly a year ago called “Backseat Jesus” ( you can watch the entire series from – I think you’ll get something great out of it.)

“Pure Praise” – Revamped!

Last year, we began a study based on an awesome book by Dwayne Moore called “Pure Praise”.  One of the biggest comments I have gotten in my inbox over the past couple of months have been requests to continue the series. I’ll be honest with