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Are You On Tout?

We are always looking for new ways to connect with the masses…and found a quick way to connect in only 15 seconds…literally. So we’ve set up an account on a service called “Tout” that allows for quick 15 second second videos


I am blessed to serve as a worship leader at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, Tennessee just outside of Nashville. Above is a full service from our archives of a recent service. For more information about LifePoint Church – click here. Questions about my song choices

They Go Hand in Hand

  "Serving" and "Worship" – two words that fit so beautifully well together because they are the same word.  You can actually substitute "Serving" for a variety of different words and still get an equivalent to "Worship" because they word "worship" means so many things.

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The HUB This Sunday

            I’ll be singing in the HUB this week. If you haven’t bee already – give it a shot! There’s a nice lid-back atmosphere. Grab a cappucino, coffe or some tea and enjoy the service! We’ll see ya there!

McWorship : Drive-Thru Church Ideology

I remember vividly years ago having a discussion with an associate pastor the day I changed the order of worship. The amount of songs were the same, but the manner in which the songs, opening prayer, announcements, baptisms, etc were changed. It was my job