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Where Are You?

We see in our analytics that people visit our site from all over the globe – and we have been blessed with being able to coach leaders from various countries. We’d love to hear from each of you who read this – to find out

We’re giving away free shirts!

Over the past few weeks – I have taken great pride in seeing something around the Nashville area.  In three different venues I have seen people up on stage wearing a “got worship?” t-shirt from the website.  It makes me smile to know that there

Looking towards a new year

2010 is now on the eve of being over – and we have plenty to be thankful for.  Over the past two years, I have seen this simple site grow at an unbelievable rate.  To be honest, there are times when I am in disbelief

We’d like to thank…

We’re still pretty happy about the award we got from Worship Leader Magazine.  Recently, a new blogger asked me via email how we managed to gain such notoriety to be honored in such a way.  This particular blogger was hoping to emulate any and every strategy we had.  

Growing…and Growing Pains

We’re growing.  It is a good thing.  I can remember nights when my legs were in pain and my mom would simply tell me “it is just growing pains.  That means you are growing.  That’s a good thing.” When I started quite some time