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got worship? 2.0

We wanted to roll out the carpet to you to welcome you to the all new .  got worship? 2.0 is our cleaner, leaner, sleeker, and more modern look for the website.  In the past, the design has been (to say the least) chaotic…and

Merry Christmas from The Whitehorns!

We’ve had a roller coaster of a year.  Some of it has been public…and some of it has been personal.  Thankfully, “got worship?” has survived and, at times, thrived, through the toughest of issues.  We are grateful that we have more than a few thousand of you

New things brewing at

We’re excited about some recent changes at .  We are attempting to make the site more of community than more about me.  After all, we are a body of believers who have a common goal of worship and music, right? If you’ll notice, there

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URGENT Re-post on behalf of a friend

You know I don’t post anything unless it is significant….and saving children to me is pretty important. It is why I passed along the information from my friends, the Bynums. Together, you helped her raise the money needed to adopt another child away from a

Just want to see where this lands.

I’m saying “goodbye” to my old secular country days and, instead, focusing on writing Christian songs and worship songs. I had an 8 year old secular song at a site called “OurStage” last month and it ranked 186 by the time it was done. I