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Stage Decor on a Dime: Bubble Wrap

  Regardless the size of your stage design budget (From thousands to “wait…your church will actually budget for those things?”…we are always interested in ways to make great designs for next-to-nothing. This idea was implemented by Marta Breiland at New Hope Church – and it involves existing

Paper Plate Stage Backdrop

  Want a stage design idea that is quick and easy and, not to mention, very cheap to accomplish?  Here’s a recent stage design we used for our “EPIC” series at New Hope Church.  The series surrounded epic movies – so we needed some “movie”-esque

Qualifications for a Worship Pastor

We hear terms like “worship leader”, “music minister”, and “worship pastor” often in the roles we walk. Being involved in worship – it is a common place. What does it mean? We have spent a couple of days looking at both the differences between a worship

Guest Blog: Top 5 Worship Leader Tips

I’ve been leading worship in small and enormous conferences around the globe for the final 25 years, and I imagine it’s time these of us who’re skilled encourage others who’re following! The purpose of this text is to share with you my high five worship

Requirement for Bassists?

Hello Fellow brethren of the low end (ok hi to everyone else as well) 😉 This blog is an observation that I wondered if anyone else has caught on to? Has anyone besides I and my wife noticed that most bassist’s are er…umm…follicle challenged (FC)?

On my mind tonight…

On my mind tonight…, originally uploaded by Jason Whitehorn Pics. This past Sunday still sticks with me for some unknown reasons that I just cannot let go of. As I looked down from the stage, I could see some pretty awesome things. Plenty of hands