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Bacon Scented Technology

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This….Is Seriously Cool.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that there was a time in movies that writers and directors envisioned such technology. Still – this is VERY cool. I still say, however, God is current…and


No big thought provoking article here. Just…a suggestion. We are too dependant on so much technology today that we are all masters of multitasking. Sometimes

Want to see God at work via technology?

Technology is huge…we use it every day. It seems we can’t escape it.  Here is one bit of tech that I could probably get satisfied watching all day. The technology you are watching above plots out people accepting Jesus Christ across the globe from various

iWorship with iPhones. It is totally iCool!

  If you haven’t seen this video before…take a look.  It is worth the watch to see how technology is moving these days.  The group is called the Rend Collective Experiment – Matt Ewald from EMI got me hooked on these guys months ago and

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How Powerful Is Prayer?

I did something this past week that had been burning at me – I created a twitter account with no purpose of self-promotion or self at all.  The nature of this twitter account was to perform  the following: Find anyone who is asking for prayers

Twitter V 1.0 created in 1935

Ok….so the title is a bit misleading – but this find is actually cool.  Take a look at this newspaper article from the 30’s.  It seems that London had a break in “technology” that was very similar in concept to Twitter. The article came from