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Worship Pastor or Worship Leader?

While speaking on the topic of worship once, I was asked the question by a panel – “what is the difference in a worship leader and a worship pastor”.  It is a good question – and one that some churches don’t understand or fail to

A Conference In The Cloud

Conferences are great – and you can gain a wealth of knowledge from conferences when the right subject matter is presented by the right speakers.  How about mixing the topic of worship with speakers like Dan Wilt, N.T. Wright, Donald Miller, Lenny Leblanc, Paul Baloche, Tim Hughes, Laura Story, Brenton Brown, Brian Doerksen,

Tech Talk: In Ear Monitor Systems

Normally, as professional bloggers, we pick the end of the year/first of the year to review what the most popular articles on our blogs during the previous year have been.  I choose another random day – my birthday. The single most searched terms and requested

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Why is it so important???

A couple of months back (I think around December) I approached this topic – but I think it is important to do so again.  The big question that a lot of folks don’t grasp is “Why do you waste your time blogging, twittering, and facebook-ing?”