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The Self-Promoting Worship Leader

QUESTION: “How can someone lovingly confront someone who is using the church platform to promote himself/herself?” This is a very hard part of our role as the leader, but it’s something we have to do from time to time. I want to encourage you and

Didactic Worship

A couple of weeks ago, I was guest-leading at a church that frequently has a large number of new believers and first time church attenders.  These were people who were problably accustomed to the fact that we sing in church – and have heard the term “worship”

To pay…or not to pay?

I’ve determined a new truth in life…bring up the subject of whether or not to pay worship leaders and church musicians in church…and you open a huge can of worms! A few days back, we asked for your opinions on whether or not we should

Building Your Worship Team (Part 2)

  Have you read “Part 1” of this series yet?   I firmly believe that building effective worship teams requires more than simply finding four or five people that can read music or play an instrument. (Although it helps if they do both). As worship

How To Build Your Worship Team in 10 Steps

Worship teams that play well together do more than just sound great – they speak volumes to the congregations in which they serve. Worship teams that don’t play well together – well…they tend to speak volumes…but it tends to be at different volumes – and

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My former DRUG problem…

I came across this picture taken of a newspaper clipping via Jordin Sparks.   WOW!  How true is this?  Are we a little too laxed in these areas today…or do they just not matter anymore? There’s a lot of truth in this simple letter to the