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Don’t Waste A Single Breath

  While my family and I hovered in the ICU recently waiting for a miracle to take place in my mother – we witnessed a sight that no child, husband, parent, sibling, grandchild, etc should ever have to witness: a loved-one who’s body can no

The Technology in Praying for Others

Prayer is an exciting thing – prayer can accomplish so many things.  Praying for others is an essential part of what we should be doing daily as believers.  Back in mid 2009, I wrote this article about a new venture I started on twitter called

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How Powerful Is Prayer?

I did something this past week that had been burning at me – I created a twitter account with no purpose of self-promotion or self at all.  The nature of this twitter account was to perform  the following: Find anyone who is asking for prayers

Want to meet MercyMe?

Want to meet some of my firends – old and new – like MercyMe, Brenton Brown, Phil Wickham, and more?  The original “Tweet-n-Greet” is kicking off and you will definately want to be a part of it!  Follow “Tweet and Greet at .  You never