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  Many of you are already aware – and still many of you may not be…but the woman who has, for many years, been the “chief editor” of passed away last week. That dear woman carried a title much stronger to me… …the title

Worship Leader Gathering

Are you in the Nashville-Metro area? Are you a worship leader or pastor or serve on a worship team? We’d love to fellowship and connect with you as we learn from each other, build each other up, and connect with each other each month in

Is It Worn Enough?

I knew it was bound to happen – but sad to see the day. My favorite Bible – the one that I use personally and use when speaking finally decided to fall completely apart. I had always joked with people that “if my Bible ever

Worship Leaders and Calvinism

Recently on my personal twitter at @jasonwhitehorn, I ran a twitter poll geared towards worship leaders and members of the worship community. I am offering the results without bias – and without so much as a glimpse into my thoughts on the issue. Instead, I’d

Should Your Church Be On Twitter?

I had a discussion once with a staff member at a church who told me that they don’t use Twitter as a church because their congregants “aren’t really into Twitter.” If this is the case for you – or if you have tried to push


Let’s admit it from the begining – many of you only clicked on this article from twitter, an email, facebook, or another source because of the title and the sheer audacity that I would instruct the church to stop using volunteers in services. Good. I

Flashback Friday: Making God Laugh

It was a simple verse posted today by one of my twitter followers – and it was a great one…Jeremiah 29:11 11For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil,  to give you a future and a