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The Worship Industry

I hope this video prods you to thought this morning.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Do you think we have, whether intentionally or not, turned corporate worship into some kind of “Worship Industry”?  Gives us your thoughts below in our comment section as to

Disrobing in church…

I was surfing thru some worship videos on YouTube and came across an interesting one of a song called “Crown Him”.  The interesting portion is what the eye doesn’t first catch.  It’s what the choir is…or isn’t wearing.  Plenty of today’s choirs, in their quest to become

What if Bruce Lee was a worship leader?

Ok…so the video is actually Bruce talking about “styles” of martial arts…but, go back and listen again – how true would some of these statements be of how we should be as worship leaders?  Just thought it was an interesting video with even more interesting parallels.