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Review: Westone AC-2

Today marks a new era for worship leaders and worship musicians – an era that your ears can truly be thankful for.  Today marks the day when the all-new Westone AC2 hits the market for public sale.  Westone announced the new dual-driver custom in-ear last month for

Your ears have a reason to rejoice.

A few weeks back, I asked a series of questions about in-ear monitors.  It is no big surprise that in-ears would be a huge topic as it seems to grace the top of our keyword searches each month. The result of our polling was clear:  Those of

Worship Review: Westone In-Ears

I’m a Westone-type of guy…always have been.  Westone musician’s in-ear monitors have always, by far, surpassed my other brand in-ears in quality, longevity, and comfort.  So, when I got the opportunity to try out the new Westone UM3x’s against the UM1’s and UM2’s – I