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You Might Have Noticed Some Changes…

  If you are a regular at – you may be wondering “what’s going on with the site? Is it going away?” The answer is fairly simple…not exactly. Our ministry has – and will continue to be “got worship? Media” but will now fullfil

Facial recognition software in the church?

Technology keeps getting more and more advanced. Today, I just learned of new technology being used here in Nashville, TN to make facial recognition of app users as they enter businesses and then give them exclusive deals as they shop. Kind of neat – plus

Worship Pastor For Rent

Somewhere in this world is a church in need of a worship pastor or worship leader. If you are a part of that church congregation – I would love to hear from you. My name is Jason Whitehorn … and I am a Worship Pastor

Merry Christmas from The Whitehorns!

We’ve had a roller coaster of a year.  Some of it has been public…and some of it has been personal.  Thankfully, “got worship?” has survived and, at times, thrived, through the toughest of issues.  We are grateful that we have more than a few thousand of you