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He Makes All Things New

  Crystal and I have made several new friends here in North Dakota – including my Senior Pastor Mike and his wife Kiley. Kiley also serves on the worship team singing and playing keys. Kiley has a very unique gift for taking “junk” and restoring

Fading Into The Background

  In a world of worship where church worship is taking on more of a form of a concert with lights, hazing sanctuaries from smoke, and massive sound-systems – it is easy to become the focus of attention as a worship leader. One of our

The Lighter Side of Worship : Wednesday

  These days twitter has become overrun by parody twitter accounts of pastors, worship leaders, sound guys, guitarists…the list goes on and on. While we’d love for the focus to go away from glamorizing positions within the church…there are , all too often, truths in


  I sent a tweet late last night…it was very simple: Can I call it like it is? If you're a worship leader…and haven't been in the WORD this week – evaluate what you are doing & why. — Worship Mentoring (@worshipmentorer) December 30, 2012