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He Makes All Things New

  Crystal and I have made several new friends here in North Dakota – including my Senior Pastor Mike and his wife Kiley. Kiley also serves on the worship team singing and playing keys. Kiley has a very unique gift for taking “junk” and restoring

You Might Have Noticed Some Changes…

  If you are a regular at – you may be wondering “what’s going on with the site? Is it going away?” The answer is fairly simple…not exactly. Our ministry has – and will continue to be “got worship? Media” but will now fullfil

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Who Are You Praying For?

Prayer is an amazing thing. I sincerely hope on this Friday that you have taken some time this week to pray for your worship team members. We would love, as a community, to help you pray for them as well. Use our “got worship? Prayer

We’re Growing…Thanks To You!

We’ve been watching our web-traffic climb again over the past couple of weeks with visitors pouring in from all over the globe.  The reach that we are able to have from is nothing of our own doing…but God’s alone.  We’re growing…and we believe that

Worship Gift Ideas

Had a chance to pick up a last minute gift idea for your worship team members, worship leader, worship pastor, choir team member, etc?  Here’s an idea…a “got worship?” t-shirt!  These shirts come in black short sleeves and are available for the holidays for only

Worship Pastor or Worship Leader?

Recently, I was asked the question by a panel – “what is the difference in a worship leader and a worship pastor”.  It is a good question – and one that some churches don’t understand or fail to see the benefit of the difference.  For that reason, I

Building Your Worship Team (Part 3)

For the past two days, we’ve been reviewing a list of ten ways we can better build our worship teams.  If you haven’t already, go back and review the first and second post in the series.  Today, we plan to dive into a few more