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Pure Praise Revamped : “A Personal God”

Pure Praise Week Three – Day 4:  “A Personal God” Rewind I have a habit of reading several books at a time.  I just got a copy of Francis Chan’s Crazy Love and got drawn to this video.  Watch it.  Don’t blink.  Don’t get distracted.

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Pure Praise Revamped : “Count Your Blessings”

Pure Praise Week One – Day 4 :  “Count Your Blessings” Rewind I remember being barely a teenager and leading a small congregation in Adamsville, Tennessee and singing “Count Your Blessings”. Count your blessings, name them one by one, Count your blessings, see what God hath

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Pure Praise Revamped : “A New Creature”

Pure Praise Revamped Week One – Day 3:  “A New Creature“ Rewind When we talk about worship – we have to look at it in three different directions.  I think all too often, we talk about things only in the realm of “vertical worship”…so much to