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Tech Talk: In Ear Monitor Systems


Normally, as professional bloggers, we pick the end of the year/first of the year to review what the most popular articles on our blogs during the previous year have been.  I choose another random day – my birthday.

The single most searched terms and requested topic for “got worship?” pertains to some fashion of in-ears or in-ear monitoring systems.  Since there is such an interest in in-ears – I thought it would be only appropriate to write a few different articles about using in-ear systems within the church setting.

To do so, I want to reach out to you.  I would love to hear your stories.  The question is simple :  Do you you use in-ear monitors in your church?  Why or why not?  Email me at jason “@” and let me know your story.  I’d love to share some of these stories and talk about the pro’s and con’s in-depth.  If you’d rather, you can leave a comment below with the same information.

I look forward to hearing from each of you personally.  Take just a moment to answer the poll question, then send me an email or leave a comment explaining why you do or do not use in-ear’s in church.  We’ll put together a whole series of articles about the subject within the next few days to address it…I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Do you use in-ear monitor systems in your church?

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