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Technology – Multitasking Made Complicated

I sit here tonight with my feet propped up admiring the advances in technology. From my little piece of an overstuffed couch using a MacBook Pro attached to a lightning-fast wireless 4G network I can create tomorrow’s article, correspond with one of my worship mentoring students in another country, plan out an Easter service and more. Recently, I planned an entire worship service, sent emails to all who would be playing on that given Sunday and sent them music and charts…all from my iPhone. Technology is great – but it has, regrettably, taught me to do one thing all too well:


Why is this a bad thing? I pondered this for a moment when I realized the vast amount of things I needed to be doing in the next few weeks. “I need to get organized,” I thought. “Oh…wait…theres an app for that!” So, I spent the next 45 minutes trying to find an app to help me organize everything that I needed to do. Who KNOWS how much of the things I actually needed to do could have gotten done in that 45 minutes. I never even found the app I really wanted.

Meanwhile today…I am on the phone with the pastor I am currently serving alongside of…and asking him to “pray for me for accountability in that I am falling behind in my seminary.” I have so much to get caught up on (and I am SO thankful that West Coast Bible College and Seminary is so understanding of the amount of time I am taking of my coursework.) – but never can seem to get caught up in everything else to find time to do the work I need to do.

…but then again…I found time to “multitask” and take a clever photo of me…with my MacBook…with my feet propped up…then make it black & white….add a vignette to it…email it to myself so that I can add it to an article about technology and multitasking…and then actually write the article…

I’m unplugging for the night. I’m diving into my seminary studies. I am going to enjoy laughter with my wife. I am going to enjoy taking life to task – instead of life tasking me.

When are you unplugging?