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The Air I Breathe: Shallow Breathing

Shallow Breathing

There’s been a common theme throughout this series…and it has little to do with breathing.  You see – breathing is only relevant if you are me and require air.  The more important matter is a guy who sees himself as needed for God’s purpose.  He was putting others and himself in control of what God has called him to do.  You see…we are going to move fast here – so catch a deep breath.

A Lesson As Important As Breathing

It was Saturday morning – and I had awakened after sleeping over 12 hours, once I returned from being released from the hospital.  I started praying about my breathing, my health, and being thankful for every breath I took.  Life has a funny way of making you thankful for the breath you take, when you are limited in how you do it.  I went back and re-read my post from Friday:

It IS amazing how much of your life involves your voice….like…oh, I dunno….leading worship?  But…wait…earlier I thought my church was taking that away from me, right?  Who would have thought my own health would be what separates me from my ability to lead?

I started to slowly realize a humorous but harsh reality…my own lack of humility had caused me to lose focus of one thing:

…the ability to lead worship for God, in the calling He gave me, is a blessing…and I should never underestimate that nor take it for granted.  My ability to do so can come and go in a heartbeat.

I won’t for a moment suggest God caused me to lose my voice, in order to teach me a lesson in humility…but I learned a lesson all the same.  I was so wrapped up in my own sense of self worth, as a worship leader, I had been blinded into thinking my church was turning me away from opportunities to lead worship.  In reality – they weren’t at all separating me from my calling. They were obeying another calling and vision for the church.  I, in my own lack of humility, was failing to see that.

But – in the end…God is in control of how I am used.  Of that, I am convinced.  And so…am I.  I am being as humble as I can be to tell you- I fail as a worship leader and a worship pastor in one of the grossest of ways by forgetting, at times, about one of my GREATEST callings.  You see, in less than 24 hours of bed-rest on a Saturday, I realized, the ability God gave me to sing…is the same ability God gave me to speak.  Yes, I know that God has called me to lead others in worship…but God has called ALL of us to go into every nation and preach the Gospel…and no one but myself has ever prevented me from doing that.  Perhaps, before I ever become upset with a conceived notion that I may not be able to lead worship…

…I should count it as a joy and say…

“…thank GOD I have more time to tell others about His Love.  NO one can stop me from TELLING of his great story.”


… by the way, I still, to this day, am a volunteer WORSHIP LEADER at my home church.  I’m thankful.  Though I realize, my calling is greater than that…and I plan on doing more to obey it.



…how’s YOUR breathing these days?