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The Air I Breathe…

For quite a few days, the blog has been silent.  It’s probably appropriate and in proper relation to life – because I have been equally as silent.  For about the past month I have dealt with a strange virus that has had me dealing with doctors, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and hospital visits and having no voice.  My wife has been dealing with much of the same – so prayers for the family are readily accepted.  I bring this strangity up for good reason.  The more I sat here today after a long afternoon, evening, and night at the hospital – the more I have stumbled across a reality about my own illness…and how it relates to my own humility and servitude.

Next week – I hope to begin a series that will expose this humility in the hopes of helping others in a series called “The Air I Breathe”.  Before we do – I want to ask that each of you look at an article I wrote back at Thanksgiving.  It will become a strange forshadowing to this series…and a lesson that I needed to have heeded myself.

Take a look at the very short article here: “Breathe”