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The Amazing Symphony – Revisited

I talked last year about “The Amazing Symphony” after getting to be a part of the latest Matt Redman album and, as a result, getting to hear Louie Giglio speak in Atlanta last February. Louie is an amazing guy – and loves astronomy. It was his love for astronomy that prompted my article…and a review that I am currently in the process of writing for Worship Leader Magazine that reminded me of this amazing story.

Take a long lasting look at the picture above. At first glance – it is nothing more than a group of stars. I can assure you…it is so much more. This group of illuminated heavens are estimated to be over ten billion years old. Its part of a constellation called Tucana – and comprises a globular cluster known as 47 Tucanae.

47 Tuc is about 16,700 light years away from Earth yet can be seen by the naked eye. Thanks to the Hubble Telescope, we can see deeper into 47 Tuc. Take a look.

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Though it is able to be seen by the naked eye – one of the most amazing things about this globular cluster is not what is seen – but what is heard. You see, 47 Tuc contains at least 23 millisecond pulsars. A millisecond pulsar turns on its axis between 1-10 times every millisecond and emits a frequency each time it does. In fact, scientists pointed long-range microphones at the cluster to hear what these pulsars sound like.

Click play below. What you will hear is the individual sound of 16 of the known millisecond pulsars followed by a brief instance of them all together as they exist in the cluster.

\”Pulsar sounds from 47 Tuc\”

God’s amazing symphony – with an audience of one God – playing constantly for His glory.

The psalmist in Psalm 96 noted that the celebration that all of creation would be in in declaring God’s glory.

13 Let all creation rejoice before the LORD,

I think the pulsars in 47 Tuc are making their song known. What song are you singing today? What song are you missing?

Now – set aside around 14 minutes…watch the video below…and prepare to be even more amazed at how great our God is.