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The Internet Age

According to GigaTweet, we are about 2 days until Twitter reaches one billion. Twitter has become wildely popular these days. I know I use it to “chat” with my friends, update my Facebook…and even send status alerts to show you when this blog is updated. As cool as it is, there are even churches using Twitter during services to post questions, praises, ect.

What is amazing is how were are able to use technology to spread God’s Word. I have been a member for years of which can be used seemlessly in a witness conversation. I used to carry cards that asked “Whats The Most Important Thing to you?” and simply gave the website for readers to go to if the simple question sparked their curiosity.

Today, we see more an more technology used … Twitter in worship, using holograms in worship…the list goes on and on.

As of today, I have two “Projects” going on on Facebook. One is a group called “Saved!” which hass no other purpose other than to let people in Facebook proclaim for others to see that they are saved. My most recent project is a cause called “Jesus Loves You” which simply passes along the message that…well…”Jesus Loves You”! I hope that it spreads like wildfire. In less than 48 hours, it has grown to over 50 members. It’s my goal to start something within Facebook that hass the potential to reach the millions of Facebook members and let them each know that Jesus Loves Them…and that He gave His life for them. (If you haven’t already…PLEASE join the cause and invite others to do so. Facebook Causes REQUIRE us to set up a benficiary for donations, so I chose Shaohannah’s Hope, an AWESOME group with a fantastic purpose. It was started by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman. We are proud to know much of the Chapman family, so it is an honor for us to help support the endeavors of our friends.)

All this talk of using technology and the internet for God’s glory sparked a question with me? What MORE can I do? The internet is vast…and there is more to be done. So I ask….what are YOU doing online to promote God and His purpose?

I normally do not post a lot of comments sent to this blog…but I want you to be an intregal part of this discussion…so feel free to comment below and let me know how you are using the internet or other technology for God’s glory!