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The Most Deserving Gold Medalist Of The Olympics – Who Isnt Competing

Yep…I can’t help but go back to this video from a few months back.

Megan Vogel had won the 1600 and was now running in the 3200 when she came upon a colapsed runner named Arden McMath…

…from another SCHOOL.

What does she do? She picks her up…

…she carries her…

…she even makes sure to push her ahead OF herself to finish the race.


This girl deserves every accolade given to the Olympians and then some.

I want her to be a role model to my daughter.

Then again…she’s being a role model to me.

There’s an Arden McMath in your life right now…

…and he/she NEEDS a Meghan Vogel.

Are you racing towards the finish line?

Or are you reaching out to pick them up and walk beside?