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The New Version Of Christian Bumper Stickers

bumper stickers

Fair warning – rant forthcoming:

There was a time when bumper stickers with “Christian” slogans were all the rage.  So were t-shirts for that matter.  The problem with t-shirts or bumper stickers or the “Christian fish”…they were completely in-effective when the owner of said shirt or car showed that they were living the Romans 3:23 truth and were sinners.  You know what I mean.  Its hard to live out “Honk if you love Jesus” on your bumper sticker when you are giving someone a middle finger as they cut you off.  Its hard to rock a “KNOW JESUS KNOW PEACE (NO JESUS NO PEACE) while yelling at an umpire at a baseball game for making the wrong call. (Little league, mind you.)

Don’t laugh…we’ve all seen it.  Some of us may have even done it.

The problem today is – there is a bigger and more widespread “let me show my Gospel to you” movement going on than bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Its things like Facebook, twitter, and – yes – even things like blogs.

I spent today seeing people that I have shared friendships in the past with, pastored in churches, and know as close acquaintances spewing hatred online over political agendas, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and many other topics…all in the name of Christianity.  Many of these posts and tweets bear a common thread in their normal chatter.  It is as if there is an agenda or an axe to grind.  I would hope that the goal of such posts or statuses or tweets is to sway someone’s opinion.  Otherwise the writer would only be making such statements in hopes of hearing from those who agree with their position to have them acclaim the position in agreement or hope to lure those in disagreement in order to debate.  These statements rarely, if ever, sway opinions of others…or do they?

You see – the larger problem is that these opinions become the commonly held opinion by many outside that church that “this is what the Church, Christianity, and God’s love is like…and if it is – I want no part of it.”  I literally witnessed a person I know to be a faithful church attender post that a local Muslim mosque being built near their city should “be demolished by any means and build a real church on top of its ashes. ”  They furthered their statement with “let’s show these people that they need to go back to their own country.”

That is certainly not what my God would say.

WE are one of the main reasons why people avoid the church.

We spend our time outwardly humiliating a brother like Mark Driscoll for his sins – and don’t spend near enough time lifting him up in prayer so that he could be restored back to do what we are all called to do – preach the Gospel.  Instead – the world sees us condemning…judging…while we all are guilty of the same Romans 3:23.

We spend time talking about Michael Gungor and where he went wrong falling off the wagon of Theology – yet we’d be shammed to have the number of our sins on display.

I want my words to lead others.  I want my words to show God’s love through actions.  I don’t want my words to be received by a non-believer like words from a bad church sign.  “TURN OR BURN!”  I’d rather someone see the Gospel in me much like the famous quote…

“Preach the Gospel at all times…use words if necessary.”  (quote NOT by St. Francis)