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The Next Level of Campus Worship : LifePoint

I am truly amazed.  I have been out at the Stewarts Creek Campus of LifePoint several times already – and was already aware that we would be lowering a screen on the stage during the sermon to show Pat’s sermon in full size – but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw tonight.

The video you see above is not of Pat…well…not really.  (For those of you who aren’t aware, “Pat” refers to Pat Hood – Senior Pastor at LifePoint Church.)  It is actually a video that is cleverly done of Pat broadcast on technology that leaves the viewer feeling like Pat…is actually there.

The technology was designed and implemented by DW Productions.  I got a chance to talk to owner Danny Whetstone tonight while we were holding the open house at the Stewarts Creek Campus.  Danny has been on the cutting edge of production technology for years- and has used his expertise to take our satellite campus to the next level.

I can remember two years ago blogging about two years ago about having holograms in worship.  The tasteful and precise manner that Danny’s team has set up this virtual-sermon setup is ranking right up there with holograms.  As the live worship set ends, a enormous screen is lowered – covering the entire stage opening.

The 100% black-painted sanctuary and lighting gives the appearance that there is no screen present at all once the projection starts.  As you watch the stream – it is easy to forget that you are in the presence of technology.  But, then again, isn’t that the point?

Sure had my daughter fooled –

If your church is interested in planting church campuses – or if you are interested in the technology for your own church – contact Danny today.  Click here for more information.