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The Rituals We Keep



Rituals – each of us have them in every walk of life. For some of us…okay…most of us… it is starts with the morning cup of coffee. Being from Nashville and having a Starbucks on virtually ever corner, my rituals frequently involved coffee. Ive been a proud Gold Card member since 2010. Then, there was even the ritual of holding a weekly gathering of area worship leaders and musicians at Starbucks just to gather together. Still other rituals are more personal and a little quirky. Before Sunday service on a Saturday night, I prepare by locking myself away getting a shower, etc while listening to some Rat Pack or jazz. Its just something I do.

What would happen if I stopped? Would my world cave? Would I lose my mojo? I’m starting to get uncomfortable even thinking about it. But isn’t that why we are ritualistic to begin with? We hold on tight to what is familiar to us…to what we are used to.

I recently made a huge move that affects the lives of of my entire family – moving to Williston, ND. I accepted a job as a Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at a great church in the middle of oil country within a short drive from the Canadian border, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The problem (aside from -40 degree winters and no family around) is that there are no Starbucks here. Wow. Talk about a break in my rituals. The closest Starbucks – 2 hours away! My new-found closest friend and Senior Pastor Mike suggests this place called “Daily Addiction” as a substitute. I knew right away that his theology is certainly under question if he thinks some no-named coffee shop in the middle of Williston translates to my Starbucks.

Long story short – I sit here this morning waiting for the rest of the Creative Team to arrive for our regular off-site meeting at Daily Addiction…ready to sip the world’s greatest vanilla chai that I found by disturbing my own rituals. Yep…it’s that good. Thanks, Mike!

So…here’s a couple of questions that I’d love to unpack and talk about over the next few days:

Since we all have rituals…

  1. What are YOUR quirks/rituals that you have before/during/after worship?
  2. What “rituals” do we hang on to at church that we become obsessive with my comfort and not by necessity that could use some “re-focus” to find a new cup of chai…and a new way to experience God?

Ready? Go! I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below.