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The Rock & Worship Roadshow

(Editor’s Note:  This week, I got a chance to talk with Robby Shaffer of the group MercyMe about an exciting streaming concert series making an impact on the internet and the world.    – Jason Whitehorn)

Musical Talents Combine for a Tech-Savy Tour

Roadshow Have you ever wanted to go see a concert by artists like MercyMe or Addison Road but don’t have the cash or the means to get to one?

Let me introduce you to one of the coolest happenings on the ‘net these days!  The Rock & Worship Roadshow is concert after concert, played out in the comfort of your own home – streaming live from the internet.

This isn’t some mediocre presentation – this is an all out in-your-face concert featuring some of today’s best artists such as MercyMe,  Jeremy Camp, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North, and Addison Road.

“We are commissioned to take the Gospel into all the world.  So that means by any means necessary,” said Robby Shaffer, drummer for the Grammy award-winning group MercyMe.  ” I believe changing and adapting to technology is the key to our industry’s future.” he added.

At the center of each show, is the desroadshow-attendanceire to serve God in music in a way never-before-thought-of.  The concerts, which appear at venues across the country, are beamed across the net direct from the soundboard of the concert and pull video direct from the mega trons – so you don’t miss a minute of the excitement.  In fact, you may get more than you expect.

If you think you’re missing out on all the screaming fans and the comradery – then look no further than the live-streaming chat that occurs as the concert goes on.  It is a common place to have the artists actually chat along with you!

According to Shaffer, this interaction keeps them anchored to the fans that make the Rock & Worship Roadshow successful.  “I think its important for them to see that we care that they are watching – simple as that”

Of course, if you are near one of the many stops by along the tour, you can see the excitement live.  Prices for each stop are a mere $10.00 – less than the cost of a ticket for one performer…much less the broad range of talent you can see in one night on the same stage for only ten bucks!

“We have been trying to figure out how to tour for free for years.  When we did Winter Jam in ’08 and saw it is possible,” said Shaffer, “we decided we had to start somewhere.  So we landed on $10 and hope that it ends up being free one day.  Its hard to justify a premium price for a free Gospel.”

The low admission cost gives a high payoff for yet another purpose of the tour – to help others.  Proceeds from the show go to help kids with juvenile diabetes via Imagine A Cure,” (IAC) a non profit organization to support research that will lead to a cure. and those with medical needs around the world through Compassion International.

We believe that everyone will be impacted by someone they know dealing with diseases like these sometime in their life,” said Shaffer.  “God has given us a mandate to take care of the sick and needy.  Imagine a Cure is just a way we have been able to mobilize people to help now,” Shaffer adds.  “Hopefully because of the Vision of a 6 year old, thousands of lives will be helped for Gods Glory. ”

It is partnerships like this with IAC that Shaffer says will make a substantial impact for years to come, “hopefully long after MercyMe is gone,” he adds.  “There will always be people out there that have a need for medical attention and diseases without cures.  So supporting a foundation where 100% of the funds go to this, I think that’s a no-brainer.

The next stop on the tour will be April 9th in Denver, Colorado.  The show will begin it’s online simulcast at 7:00pm.

Visit the Rock & Worship Road Show at their website and follow the RoadShow on twitter to keep up-to-date current shows!