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The Rut of “Lack of Leadership”

This article requires a big gulp before reading. Perhaps it requires thicker pants. More importantly – it requires you to take a hard look at either yourself…or how your church places others in leadership.

Be prepared – there are people in this world who claim to be “called to be worship leaders/pastors” who are in the wrong job.

That rut is one that is hard to overcome as long as we keep the wrong people in the wrong leadership roles – but it also contributes to the “why” of our last rut in this series:

“The Rut of ‘Lack Of Leadership'”

Lack of leadership causes the wrong people to be placed in a position to begin with.  It causes churches to have people who are qualified to sing and play and instrument to be thrown into a position of leadership that can prove to be either a well risked gamble…or a problematic experience.

Today, more and more churches are looking for “that worship leader”.  You know the type.  Faux hawk, soul patch, Taylor guitar…the entire stereotype of a worship leader.  Yes, this is how 98% of us seem to look these days – but it takes more than a wide white belt to make a worship leader or pastor.  Having a “look” or a “sound” doesn’t make someone a people-person.  Likewise, having the ability to communicate with others doesn’t make someone a pastor or shepard.

Interested in knowing how to best qualify someone as a worship leader or worship pastor?  Lets take a look at a few different elements below:

Part 1: The Difference Between A Worship Pastor and A Worship Leader

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