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The TECH-Church

It never ceases to amaze me at how far we seem to leap and bound in the technology field. I was reading a blog yesterday about “missing things from 90’s worship” and I realized just how far we’ve come today in the technology front.

At my church, we have a fantastic crew of folks who make services flow in a seemless manner using various forms of multimedia and the end result is pure worship.

I had to do a double-take today when I realized how much more the doors were openned out there between our day-to-day life and the church itself.

Take…Twitter. I use Twitter daily. I keep up with friends. They keep up with me. We talk about when we are in need of prayers, leaving for work, praising for joy….or sending pictures wearing hats that no person in this world should wear (Sorry, Micah. Greg Norman, you are NOT, brutha!) – but all in all it is an interseting tool that we use on a daily basis.

I took a look at Wikipedia and what it had to say about Twitter and was suprised to see this:

Westwinds Church in Jackson, Michigan uses Twitter as a part of its weekend worship services and introduced the concept of Twitter Church [12]. Westwinds runs training classes for Twitter and encourages members to bring laptops and mobile devices to church. On occasion, the Twitter feed will be live on the screens in the auditorium and everyone is encouraged to give their input, make observations, and ask questions in an interactive worship format.

Wow! Twitter in church! Kind of puts new meaning to “following” someon in Twitter…especiialy if you’re trying to “Twitter Jesus!”