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The Technology in Praying for Others

Prayer is an exciting thing – prayer can accomplish so many things.  Praying for others is an essential part of what we should be doing daily as believers.  Back in mid 2009, I wrote this article about a new venture I started on twitter called “@praytweets”.  The concept was simple:  The twitter account would capture anyone’s tweet that mentioned the words “pray for” or “praying for” and retweet it so that others could pray for the needs as well.  It caught on like wildfire.  Regretably, the service I was using to automatically retweet those tweet went to a paid function and we couldn’t sustain it.  (If someone is able to develop a free way of doing the same…we would love to hear from you.)

Still, the concept of others praying for each other…and using technology to allow others to do so amazes me.  God is so current.  God was obviously Web 3.0 before we were ever even eventing the first Tandy.  That’s why I am thankful for some guys at a place called “The Prayer Engine” for bringing prayer and technology to the cutting edge – and Iwant you to know how your church can take part as well.

I began a group on to pray for other worship leaders. I told my wife “I may have a couple of people a month who want prayers.” – wow was I surprised!  Within a short amount of time, there were over 600 prayer requests.  I felt a burden to be able to pray for these needs myself.

That was when I found The Prayer Engine.  To be quite honest – my church (LifePoint Church) found it first.  Their concept is simple – collect prayers online, moderate them to ensure no one “abuses” the ability to post, and share those needs with others so that they can then pray and minister to their needs.

You’ll find the system now easily integrated with at .  Give it a try.  Your prayer request is taken into a queue where a moderator simply makes sure there is nothing inappropriate – and then makes it available online (unless the requester asks for it not to be shared) so that others can pray for it.  When someone prays for your specific need – you get an email letting you know that someone prayed for you.  How cool is that to know that a body of believers is praying for you?

The same service from The Prayer Engine plugs seamlessly into an iPhone or other mobile phone application.  Mobile users can pull up and request prayers or pray for others right from their mobile device.

The entire service would cost a church or other group only $99 for a single site license.  I set up’s (after I finally read the very easy to follow instructions) in about 3 1/2 minutes plus the small amount of time to make custom graphics.

I’d love for you to get your church body praying for it’s members today.  Head on over to for more information.  Meanwhile – do you have a need that you would like to have us pray for?  See the power of prayer at right now!