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The Waiting Game


You spend a quarter of your time applying on all of the Church-related resume sites you can think of – and the remainder of your time watching the clock, email, and phone hoping for a response.  It is the classic waiting game.

What if we are wasting our time by playing the waiting game?  What if we tried a new tactic after we sent in our resumes?  What if we actually trusted that God would be in the decision-making process?

It was Christmas Eve – I had just lost a decent job working IT in technical support at one of the country’s largest computer manufacturers and I was down – – way down.  I had previously argued with God that I couldn’t possibly give up the job I had to pursue my calling to full time ministry.  When the tech job went bye-bye … it was almost as if God was saying "now what is your excuse?"  I was still serving in worship arts ministry at LifePoint Church as a worship leader, vocalist, and musician – but on a volunteer basis.  I knew there was something more that was in store.  I knew God was calling me into Worship Arts vocationally.

Our church had opened up a new local campus – and there was buzz amongst a few people that I might possibly be a candidate for a staff position…but the buzz wasn’t from anyone in charge of making the decisions.  These were people simply hopeful for me…and I was hopeful right along with them.

Christmas Eve came and I led the first Christmas Eve service at the new campus.  After the service, we were trying to decide where to take my sister-in-law (who was in town visiting) for sightseeing.  Wherever we went required gas – and we were running low.  We went to a nearby gas station and I pumped a few dollars of gas in the car – giving me an opportunity to reflect on how little we had left financially…and wishing I had a job…and wishing more-than-ever that the job was in worship arts.  

I went inside the gas station and stood in line to wait to pay for my fuel.  As I stood there, I started having a one way conversation with God – literally questioning him at points.

"God, you know the feeling I get when I am able to serve you leading worship.  I can’t escape knowing that the feeling is so true and real.  We both know it is right.  You have called me to do this….so what are you waiting for?  Why can’t you just give me the job already?  Why are you making me wait?"

I started to feel a little silly.  Why in the world was I arguing with a gas station?  Right then, I turned to my left and saw a little display on the counter of leather bracelets.  Each bracelet had a pewter rectangle on it with an inscription.  It caught my attention so I looked closer.  The words on the bracelet hit me hard:

"Everything happens at the time God chooses.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-7"

I had no doubt why this strange conversation was taking place in a gas station that I had never been in before now.  There was my answer…in an impulse buy trinket.  I still wear that bracelet today.  It is a huge reminder.

Long story short – I didn’t get the job at the new campus.  It was backfilled by our existing paid worship leader…and our congregation is stronger (in my opinion) because of it.  I learned that I could still serve and have continued to serve as a worship leader and have been blessed to also be able to serve by filling in for the youth/Next Gen worship leader, lead and teach in the children’s ministry, and become a big part of our church’s VBS.  I don’t get paid by our church in a monetary amount…but I get paid by God in some pretty big heart and soul payments.  It fills me…now that my priorities are right.

As for the job "waiting game":  I don’t need to wait.  I simply live my life.  I apply for worship pastor positions as I feel led to (if you have a position and are interested in learning more about me then please visit my resume page.), pray about the process, and then leave it in God’s hands. If you are in the same boat and looking for that one place that God will place you at…then breathe a sigh of relief.  You don’t have to play the waiting game.  Spend that time serving him in mighty ways.   After all…"everything happens at the time God chooses."

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