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The Worship Leader’s Ultimate Resource


I’ve spent the past few years trying to find the best tools for worship leaders: the best software…best guitars…best books…best resources…best conferences – but as the year winds down and I prepare for a focus on 2015 I have become convinced of one thing:

[tweet_box]There is no better resource for a worship leader than time spent in God’s Word and in prayer with our Creator.[/tweet_box]

This is something that, admittedly, I miss way too often.  I am determined not to miss the mark for a beat longer.  If I spend time in His Word – then the worship that I give back to Him becomes richer in response to what He has given me through His message.  Without it – it becomes easy to become about what I want worship to look like…or just regimental.

How do you keep a devoted time of Bible study and prayer a central focus in your day and week?  What tips would you give you peers?  Sound off below in our comments section.