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They Go Hand in Hand


"Serving" and "Worship" – two words that fit so beautifully well together because they are the same word.  You can actually substitute "Serving" for a variety of different words and still get an equivalent to "Worship" because they word "worship" means so many things.  For now, and for the sake of this article – we will focus on "Service".

In a recent article, we discussed how our singing in worship as worship leaders should only be a reflection of thanksgiving in the opportunities we have had in the past week while serving our God off the mic.  I would extend this same philosophy to each person who is a part of the praise and worship team.  This week, during rehearsals, ask a simple question:

"Aside from doing worship services…where do you serve each week at our church?"

Simply asking "where do you serve" would likely yield the usual answer of "I play/sing/do media/etc in worship" – so the question becomes geared to engage further.  I know of a few churches that make it a requirement for each worship team member to serve outside of the Worship Arts department on a regular basis in order to continuously be utilized on the team.  I can’t say that I disagree with the practice for a few different reasons:

  1. You are leaders.  True leaders serve.  Face it…we are up on a stage and in the sight of the congregation.  You, no matter if you are the worship leader singing each song or that one choir team member who always stands in the back, are seen by the rest of the church as someone in a leadership position of sorts.  What happens if your church is asking its members to help an area food bank one day distribute donated canned goods…yet those whom the congregants view as being "leaders" are not anywhere to be found when it comes time to do the work.  Trust me, they don’t view it as "well, his/her service is in doing worship…so they get a pass."  Instead, it becomes a little less important for them to come out the next time they are called because they remember the leadership not making it a priority themselves.

  2. You are followers.  As followers of God, we are called out to be the light.  God never commanded us to serve only in the areas we feel comfortable and gifted in and then leave the rest for someone else to do.  As followers, we are to be about our Father’s work.
  3. You follow the leader.  Jesus set out in His short life not only admonishing others to serve the world – but by serving the world Himself.  Jesus could have easily put off many deeds He did in the Bible for someone else to perform…but He didn’t.  Instead, He gave us an incredible example of servitude.

Worship God this week by finding new ways outside of Worship Arts to serve and encourage each member of your worship team to do so.  You may find yourself amazed at just how richly God blesses your offering of worship come Sunday!