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This is THE Software for Media at Your Church

There’s a new sheriff when it comes to church media management. For all intents and purposes – it appears to be Proclaim Online. This software is brilliant in concept and will allow you an entire church to collaborate on the service media via cloud technology on the internet. Forget about multiple licenses for other high dollar software – this online software gives you the ability to connect multiple PC and Mac users to the same service to contribute and make changes to media as needed…on the fly.

Need to send out a quick poll to your mobile users with smart phones? Try getting other software on the market that 90% of you are using to do that! Proclaim can!

I’m excited…and I want to give you about 25,000 reasons to be excited as well.

To add to the excitement of the release of Proclaim, they are giving away
$25,000 in worship resources in The Great Worship Resource Giveaway.
They are going to have 100’s of winners of some of the best worship
resources on the market. The giveaway is located on the Proclaim home
page where you will see how to enter. You can
also see all the prize partners there, listing out some great resources from
companies like Planning Center Online, Graceway Media, Worship Leader
Magazine, Centerline Media, Musicademy, Clover Sites, Christian Musician
Summit, Luna Guitars, National Worship Leader Conference, and prizes
from many more.