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THIS is Why We Work For God


Before you ask or wonder – no, I haven’t forgotten about GMA IMMERSE…there will be a final post coming on that front.  For now, I have other items on my mind.

A few days ago, I couldn’t help but post something about about the strong emotional feelings I got when Don Koch sang “In Christ Alone” on stage in the songwriter’s round.  Just the simple reality of the impact one song can have is mind boggling. 

Enter “Bring The Rain”.  This song hits close to home with just about everyone these days.  I know, in a very personal way, it is affecting me…

…and this whole week I’ve been thinking God was using the song for me.

You see, let me be candid in a way I never have been before.  Yes, I am involved in and around the music business – but for the past two and a half years, my family’s main source of income has been with a particular company doing a particular amount of I.T. work.  This past Tuesday – that job ceased to be.  That, my friends, is some scary stuff for me.

I laughed when I realized the levity of the situation versus the song.

Ha!  I’m supposed to sing ‘Bring The Rain’ to go along with the sermon series next Sunday.  How ironic?!?

You know – God has a unique timing of His own.  I was convinced that God wanted to use the song to tell me “it will all be alright”.  Not quite.

You see, the moral to this story came in the form of a man – probably on the elder-side of 50 – who came up to me after the second service.  He marched over to me and extended his hand to me to shake…and uttered words amidst tears.

Thank you for that song. It meant so much. I cant help myself. I am going to go over and talk to that young man right there (pointing to my pastor, Pat Hood) and I’m gonna be saved!

Wow!  I mean…seriously …. WOW!  You see…all this time I thought the song was meant to minister to me.  I forgot the fact that God has my whole life – including song selections – planned out.  To be honest, if it means loosing my job to be able to sing with enough conviction to help save his soul – then let me loose my job again…and again,,,and again.

Jesus, Bring the Rain!