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This Mission will self destruct in about 2 hours….


Congrats to Rebecca Ramirez!  She just picked herself up our first autographed copy of Sixteen Cities new self-titled album!  While that is great news for her, the even better news for the rest of our got worship? readers is that there are still two more autographed albums to win!

With that being said…this next contest is a piece of cake!  Below, you will find a box that asks for your Twitter username. (Don’t have a Twitter account? No prob…signing up is free at ! ) Simply input your twitter name and you will be given a set of links.  Post that link on your twitter…you get points.  Each time someone clicks on the link in your twitter post….you get points!  Want even more points?  Post it again!  There is also a handy facebook link to use for facebook as well!  The leaderboard will automatically update below!

This contest has already ended.